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Welcome to 4 The Love Of Decor! My name is Dionne McKnight.

I am a certified interior decorator excited & committed to assist you with your decor goals.

I am a military wife & mom of two. My family has always inspired me & supported me which I’m forever grateful for. I enjoy being with friends & family, reading, getting lost in art, and travel! Although my family & I have settled in the DFW area, the past moves awakened my realization of just how much your space effects you in ways you may not even realize. I noticed that if my space wasn’t reflecting who I was or even who I wanted to be, there became this disconnect that affected me and eventually those around me too. Decor has always sparked something inside of me.

So, I acted on that passion and created this business August 2021. I dedicated 4 The Love Of Decor, LLC to others who have decor goals or struggles like I did. 4TLOD is multifaceted, celebrating all decor styles. Everyone is different and that uniqueness is appreciated here. I'm gladly serving the DFW Area (physically) & the country (virtually).

Lets collaborate to increase value in your life, one space at a time!

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